Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sage Riders Show

Octopelle went to his very first show today.  It was a schooling show at the Sage Riders arena in Hermiston, and he did great!  What a good boy.  I fully expected him to be a little bit nervous about things, but nah.... he could've cared less.  Marched right into the arena and got right down to business.  No funny stuff.  What a sport!  =:)  I was very proud of him.  Craig has a new digital camera, so he snapped lots of pictures.

Trotting out for halter.

Setting up for the halter class.
Chugging along in an extended trot in the english walk/trot.  (The judge commented that he really loved his trot.)

And the western pleasure walk/trot class.  Octopelle is like Tommy - when they get it right, it's totally fabulous!!!

He stayed collected up for western very nicely.  I put a green ribbon (for a young horse) in the tail so that people wouldn't ride up behind us too closely - but in all honesty, we really didn't need it.  He was totally awesome.  Not so much as a spook or fidget the entire day. 

We entered 10 classes and got two first places, which wasn't too bad.  The show didn't award ribbons though, which was okay.  It was a schooling show and we were there to work on our horsemanship skills, so awards weren't a top priority.  There were roughly 6 people per class on average (give or take for some classes), so it was a good turnout for our area.

Happy campers.

The Sage Riders arena has a seasonal pond in back, so we used it for a photo.  =:)

Monday, May 6, 2013


After some fiddling around, I finally got another facebook page up and going.  And this time it seems to be working quite good..... thank god!  On the last attempt I was getting rather frustrated with the whole process, but this time it seems to be working great without any glitches.  Yay!  =:)