Sunday, November 23, 2014

Exciting news! I'm like a kid in a candy store at the moment! This winter season has been very liberating, and my backlog is now officially caught up with and finished. I planted my butt in the studio and cranked it out. The exciting part is I've started working on my own stuff.  At this moment I've got 2 drastic customs, 1 OOAK sculpture, and 3 bronze sculptures in the works! (And they're all happening at the same time.)  Hazzahhhhhh!!!!!! Whew, I'm on a big ol' roll baby!  There's going to be some canvas paintings coming down the turn pike later on too.

I'll have some pictures posted soon of the first drastic custom that is almost done. I've had a real blast making her, and she's a sweet new matronly bombshell!  Can't wait to share this "lounging lady" with the world.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another cross-post from Facebook. I notice that I'm starting a lot of sentences with "Well damn." I guess that I'm getting used to being disappointed about some things.


"Well damn. I had hoped that the new Horseflicks video would have a bit more romance to it, like something Darryl Larson would produce. Unfortunately it's another documentary style of flat like the first version. But on a good note, there is more riding and interviews in it..... which makes it a bit more better than the first time around.

I was hoping for a promo video full of romance and excitement that will sweep me off my feet! An artistical movie style production that promotes fascination and intrigue to the general public about our horses. Maybe someday somebody will make an exciting promo video for the akhal teke, similar to the one of the arabian production below."

Our breed has everything that is depicted in the arab promo video: a rich history, petroglyphs, paintings, beautiful tack, beautiful horses, capability, spirit, freedom, and a romance of the desert horse. Kinda makes you wonder why there isn't a huge demand for our breed, and nobody is banging down our doors to buy our horses.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Current Standings

Well damn.... our endurance ride season is over and we're going to miss getting a ROM by two measly stinkin' little points this year!  I was really trying hard to earn our first within a year, but we'll definitely get it at the beginning of next year. 

Paula still has one last horse show left in December - and if the roads aren't too bad like they are right now, (unfortunately we're snowed in at the moment) - we'll try for a few more English pleasure points before the end of the year.  Hopefully the weather will let up and cooperate...

Open ROM Standings 11/15/14

Registered Name   Points     CL TY SX PT
OCTOPELLE         33          Ho HU Ge So

Open ROM Standings 11/15/14
Registered Name                          Points            CL TY SX PT
HEZA MIRACLE ZIP                   44                 Ho ST Ge So
DYNAMIC BLUE CRUISER       37                 Ho ST Ge So
RDK SASS E IMPRESSION        19                  Ho ST Ma Ov
LILLYS LUCKY ZIP                    17                 Ho ST Ma Ov
LUCKYS APPACHE SKY           10                  Ho HU Ge To
DELUX IMAGE OF ZIP                6                  Ho ST Ma Ov
KR GREATEST SHINE                 3                  Ho ST Ge Ov
OCTOPELLE                                  2                  Ho HU Ge So
SHEZA SLOW LOPIN CHIC        1                  Ho ST Ma So


Friday, November 7, 2014

I usually don't take pasture pictures of anything because they totally bug the crap out of me. I believe that most of the time there is no point to it. It's just a horse doing absolutely nothing with someone thinking it's great to take a picture of them in the act of doing absolutely nothing - and there's a bazillion of these pictures plastered all over the internet. (I guess that I'm not the Hallmark type...)

But, the fall colors are pretty right now and I thought that the poplar tree was a brilliant shade of yellow. So here's a "dreaded pasture picture" of a filthy, muddy, out-of-shape, pigging-out Tommy... with a stunning yellow poplar in all of it's autumn glory in the background.

It's a rare occasion to see a photo like this coming from me, and you'll probably never see one again, so enjoy...