Saturday, October 26, 2013

Western Dressage

Today Octopelle and I tried western dressage for the first time, and it was a blast! Tony Jackson gave a clinic at the CREC arena in Irrigon and I went to see if my horse and I would like it. (Never hurts to try something new.) I had been considering attempting a western dressage course for a few months, but hadn't found any events that were close enough to home that also offered a "beginners class" for people who just want to try it. (I damned sure didn't want to show up at an official dressage show and make a complete fool of myself - so this clinic was a PERFECT opportunity to see if we would like to do this or not.)

Octopelle seemed to take to "cowboy" dressage like a fish takes to water. He loved it, and we recieved some good lessons and instruction from Tony before attempting to do our test. After all of the group participants in the clinic got a private lesson, we each got to try an actual test depending on our horses skill levels. Ox and I did the Introductory Level Test I, which was all three gaits in a fairly simple pattern: walk, working trot, and canter. I have to admit that we need just a tiny bit more work going "deep into the corners", but everything else was great. Our collection and circles were really very good.

Tony has said that there will most likely be more of these little clinics in the future, and I'm really excited to hear that. I'd love to do more of it!
Tony Jackson instructing a rider in a class, above. Tony is an accredited dressage competitor, instructor, and judge. He has traveled the world with the Royal Lippizaner Stallions show for several years. He's a really fun guy and an excellent teacher!
Mary and her quarter horse gelding "Bugs". (Mary and Bugs were one of our main rivals at the Earn Your Spurs show series in Kennewick, along with Albert Ellis and his mare "Glory".)

It was a very fun day!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jubilee Ranch Ride

On the 5th we headed to Prescott WA. to the Jubilee Ranch endurance ride. It was absolutely gorgeous weather! Sunny and a nice mild temperature. This ride was so awesome because it was very close to home, barefoot friendly trails, and the loops went through an apple orchard. (The apples were totally wonderful - I spent most of the time stuffing my face with sweet delicious apple snacks while Tommy blasted through the trees at a high trot.) Really fun stuff!

Jessica Andersen photo.  The snake river is in the background.

The bay "giraffe" looking at riders coming down from the hill.  He got a chance to cut loose and go pretty fast at this ride, and it was a nice vacation for him from doing slow western pleasure work in the arena. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A *very cute* Eberl arabian foal resin "Pearl" recently completed in the studio to a deep dark chocolate baby bay.  She has some subtle "baby fuzz" highlights to her coat and is done in one of my all-time favorite colors! Such a cute foal sculpture.  Owned by Carole Ingram.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Frustrated, embarrassed, disappointed, and fed-up. This is how I feel at the moment. I had a long written out explaination of why I was feeling this way about certain events, but I'll do everybody a favor and not go through with posting it.