Monday, December 30, 2013

As promised, a few pictures of the nearly completed bathroom. It turned out pretty good, (for two non-pro's doing the job...)
A view from the hallway, through the door. The toilet is off to the right in the corner of the room, and the sink is off to the left in the opposite corner.

I'm sure that it is probably obvious that I love to do tile. I did mosaic tiles in our kitchen a few years ago, and I decided to do the bathroom with a bunch of tiling too. It's easy to clean up and fun to create patterns with. Craig was busy running the cutter while I arranged the wall and floor patterns and mortered them into place.
A view of the little "homemade" sink on the left side of the room, next to the shower. Last month I found this little pine dresser in a second hand store for $20 bucks. It was sort of a reddish color and needed stripped and repaired, so I did it. After a lot of sanding and repairing and re-staining it to a dark Kona color, it turned out pretty good. I added some french drawer pulls and some decorative appliques, a new white marble top (cut by a local guy), and we siliconed a copper wash basin into it. It has good drawer space to hold a lot of towels in it. =:)

Craig did all of the plumbing work in our bathroom, and the tiny little damned sink faucets were the hardest for him to be able to get the "kinks" worked out of. The old style bronze faucets that I picked out didn't want to co-operate very well at first, but after a bit of fiddling around with them we were able to get it to quit leaking and work well. (The tub and the shower were a piece of cake to plumb compared to the sink... go figure.)
A view of the can on the other side of the room. I still need to do the grouting on the floor tiles around the toilet and add covers to all of the electrical fixtures, but it is really small simple stuff to get finished up.

I'm thrilled that this project is almost completely done. It was fun, but a lot of work - and I don't want to plunge into another remodeling project in the middle of the holiday season again. Cooking, cleaning, shopping for x-mas presents, and then working on the remodeling on top of it, made for a little bit more hectic Christmas than what I had originally anticipated.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


I forgot to post some in-progress photos when we were working on the bathroom, so here are a few belated ones. It is almost completely done now! Yay!!! We had a goal of being done by Christmas, and it was pretty close. I will take some finished pictures in the next few days and post them. The transformation has been pretty cool.
My wonderful husband cutting some new drywall pieces to replace the old rotten stuff. Both of us never want to deal with any more rot issues for the rest of our lives now!
I spent two weeks completely caked in drywall dust, literally. If you've ever worked with walling "mud" - it's a real trip to deal with. Many times at night I would cook dinner looking like the pillsbury dough boy, and the vaccuum cleaner got clogged at least 10 times vaccuming that damned crap up. I met a drywall expert a few years back, and I can now say that I have a whole new world of respect for a person in that professional field! Holy crap, it's a real job sanding walls.
"Big Bertha". Craig and I picked up a corner jacuzzi tub at Home Depot when it went on sale. We purchased it for a very reasonable price and built a supporting frame and a plywood skeletal front for it. It's turned out really beautifully for the room. A great BIG whopping focal point when you walk in to use the can.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Almost Done.....

We're almost done with the bathroom.  It's so very close!  I'll be really happy to return to normal life and not have to clean up drywall dust anymore.