Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lambies 2013

I didn't get hardly any pictures of the lambs this year, but we did have a good colorful crop.  =:)

I did manage to get this photo of Craig and "Mabel" above though, (in the house, with lots of hay chaff on him for decoration....)  Mabel was one of our cute little bottle lambs this year. We had several young first time lambing ewes that produced some very nice Soay lambs.  The predicament with young first year lambers is that some of them didn't have a clue about what to do with their lambs. I kind-of expected this outcome from the ewes - so it wasn't a huge surprise when I would find newborn lambs wandering around the pen with a young new mama hugging the fence terrified to death of it....

So we ended up with EIGHT bottle babies that I fed for two months this spring. Normally there are 2-3 bottle babies per year, but it was a bit of extra work this season. But very much well worth it. =:) The bottle lambies have created their own little "flock" out in the pasture and are absolutely adorable to pet and play with!  Mabel was so much of a little pet that she followed us around the farm and would come up to the front door of the house.  Craig would pick her up and carry her back out to the pasture where she would cry and want to come back out to be with us.  She's such a cute little buggar, and has quickly become one of our favorite lambs.