Monday, November 17, 2014

Current Standings

Well damn.... our endurance ride season is over and we're going to miss getting a ROM by two measly stinkin' little points this year!  I was really trying hard to earn our first within a year, but we'll definitely get it at the beginning of next year. 

Paula still has one last horse show left in December - and if the roads aren't too bad like they are right now, (unfortunately we're snowed in at the moment) - we'll try for a few more English pleasure points before the end of the year.  Hopefully the weather will let up and cooperate...

Open ROM Standings 11/15/14

Registered Name   Points     CL TY SX PT
OCTOPELLE         33          Ho HU Ge So

Open ROM Standings 11/15/14
Registered Name                          Points            CL TY SX PT
HEZA MIRACLE ZIP                   44                 Ho ST Ge So
DYNAMIC BLUE CRUISER       37                 Ho ST Ge So
RDK SASS E IMPRESSION        19                  Ho ST Ma Ov
LILLYS LUCKY ZIP                    17                 Ho ST Ma Ov
LUCKYS APPACHE SKY           10                  Ho HU Ge To
DELUX IMAGE OF ZIP                6                  Ho ST Ma Ov
KR GREATEST SHINE                 3                  Ho ST Ge Ov
OCTOPELLE                                  2                  Ho HU Ge So
SHEZA SLOW LOPIN CHIC        1                  Ho ST Ma So


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  1. Hi there, sorry about having to leave a comment here but I have tried to email you a couple of times and I know its very odd that I haven't heard back from you so I am assuming I have an old email address. Please email me as I need another model done like MoonPie that you did for us over a year ago.