Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Spanish Videos

Some more videos that I thought were really interesting. I posted two videos of Merlin earlier on the blog, and I'm working on a model of him in the studio. This morning I went back onto Youtube to look at some more spanish videos, and I found these. They are unique and fascinating:


The garrochas started out by pushing bulls and sorting them with the lance, but this has moved into more of an art form of horsemanship in present times. A well schooled horse requires no rein aids, and has to remain controlled only by the riders feet. There are some dressage moves that they preform on the end of the lance: flying lead changes, piroettes, and sidepassing. Even at a dead run the horse has to remain in control.


A different approach to equitation classes! A combination of gaming, trail, and hunter over fences. It kind of reminded me of a tamer arena version of the extreme cowboy race...


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