Friday, June 18, 2010

The Passing Of A Fellow Artist

Yesterday I learned of the passing of a dear model horse hobbyist, Kathy McKenzie. I was floored to hear the news, to say the least. Kathy was such a warm person and a true pleasure to deal with. She gained notariety in the model horse hobby a few years back for her airbrushing skills and a talent for handpainted very detailed realistic eyes.
It is such a small hobby that we are a part of with almost everybody knowing everybody else, so when someone is lost - especially such a wonderful artist - it is a major blow for everyone. Her Dragonflight Studio homepage with all of the wonderfully painted models that she has done can be seen here:

There is also a really great Youtube documentary video that has some footage of Kathy and her husband Greg at a midwest show in 2007. It is my favorite:

A tribute video that another hobbyist has made. I have a very hard time making it all the way through this one:

Kathy and Jet. Photo courtesy of Dragonflight Studio.

Above is a picture of "Dragonflight Beureguard" that Kathy painted in November 2004. I bought this guy on E-Bay from Kathy when he was couple of days old - brand new, fresh from her studio. He stands roughly 4" inches tall. I thought that this guy was UBER cool when I first seen him, because he's the top mount of a trophy originally sculpted by Gladys Brown. Remember the old horse show trophies from the 60's and 70's with the plastic horses on top? This guy is one of those! I couldn't resist adding him to my collection. I thought that it took great inspiration and a very adventurous spirit to cold paint one of these guys. Kathy did an excellent job on him. I'm very proud that he is part of my collection, and a great momento of a very talented artist. Via Con Didos Kathy.


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