Monday, July 5, 2010

Asil Tumay - a.k.a. "Tommy"

On sunday the 4th of July, Craig and I met up with Cathy Leddy and her husband Larry at their Cascade Gold Akhal Teke farm in Snohomish, WA. where we were introduced to Tommy. Tommy is a young four year old purebred Akhal Teke gelding by Astrachan and out of Anastasia.

I was all set to take pictures of Cathy's farm and her horses, but amidst my rampant talking -my mind became lost, and I forgot the camera in the truck. Dang! Her stallion Salam and Astrachan are well worth making the trip up north to go and look at.

At the Klickitat ride in June Cathy and I talked about leasing one of a few of the young geldings that she has for sale. Tommy is a good candidate for endurance, so I readily agreed to take him on. He's a smart young fellow, and has no problem catching onto new things in a relatively fast manner.

Tommy sports the metallic bay sheen and has a very cute little lip spot. I love that little spot!
Meeting new friends.

" What's THAT!?!?!?" Tommy thought the turkey was a feathered alien from Romulus.... I sometimes forget that other horses have never seen such a menagerie as we have. Let the desensitizing process begin!

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