Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Muddy Frog Water Parade

On Saturday morning the 21st, my mom and I took part in the Muddy Frog Water parade in Milton-Freewater, OR. It is a really fun little parade with a fair amount of horse entries for the festival. The parade winds roughly 10 blocks through the old part of downtown main street.

My mom was riding her two year old gelding Dollar, and I was riding Nettie sidesaddle. We were officially the "Palomino Riders" for the parade. Dollar did really well for being a two year old green colt! Nettie was fairly calm and patient for the most part, so it helped Dollar to relax and take things in stride. He was great, and I was very impressed with him for making it through a parade - being it's his first, and he's only a two year old..!!

Mom and I with smiles.
Nettie was looking less than thrilled... She has been through the Round-Up parade before, so she knows what's in store for her.

We decided to get a little bit floral for the parade. It was a nice touch for that long ol' mustang mane to get some pretty flowers put in it.

Both my mom and I had a really great time, and hopefully we'll be ready to do the Round-Up Centennial parade this year. Pendleton is celebrating it's 100th anniversary of the rodeo, so the parade coming up next month is gonna be a big one! The Muddy Frog Water was a great warm up for what's ahead next. =:)

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