Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Pegasus Project Part II

Chop chop! The Breyer Naranda has entered the world of the Mayfield chinese chop-o-rama shop. The industrial strength dremel does wonders for cutting up plastics. She's now a member of the funky herd of disassembled co-horts that roams the vast plains of imagination land. Fun stuff!

As you can see, she now looks very different with just some minor repositioning of her loose floating body parts. She's gone from a high necked saddlebred looking creature, into more of a hacked-up trotting arabian contraption. You can begin to imagine what she will look like when there is anatomy attachment. Oh, but wait! Imagining the final image will not be quite so likely, because the finished product will look nothing like this. She will not be trotting.....nor have her head down.....nor be a mare......nor be that color.....nor have that mane and tail..... The plot thickens.

It turns out that I did not have the only original idea in the world to turn an Akhal Teke into a pegasus. The russian folks at MAAK have held this idea in previous years as well. In some of their advertisments for shows they have incorporated the image of the flying horse. Below is the 2005 silver version.

And then there is the 2007 golden version. It's a nice sculpture that someone has done. But I'm not sure if it's an actual sculpture that was awarded as trophies, or if this was a master bronze sculpture that was on display somewhere, or even if this is just a photoshop image someone has came up with for the ad...? I don't know. Information would be great. All that I know is that this looks like a grand idea!


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