Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Springtime!

We are officially ready to welcome in the spring season with a lovely set of triplets! Wahoo!

"Fatty" the ewe always amazes me. She has never failed to deliver less than three lambs - (even with her very first lamb crop!) and always lambs before the rest of the flock. She's a great asset for anybody's program, and I consider myself very lucky she's in ours.

Last year Fatty had two dark ram lambs and a red and white ewe lamb. This year it is in reverse - a red and white ram lamb and two dark ewe lambs. Ironically, they are the same colors as last year too: a red and white, brown and white, and a solid black. There's some interesting color genetics at work.
Lots of sunny spring weather ahead! Wahoo!!!!

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