Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Pegasus Project Part V

I've got to start moving along on the ol' Peggy guy. The Pendleton Center for the Arts is holding their annual 2011 Open Regional Exhibit. They have alternate years with the photography exhibits being held one year, and paintings and sculptures the following next year. I entered two abstract paintings in 2009 and they did pretty well - considering there were some stiff professional competitiors from Portland who also attended. This year will be the first time that I have ever entered a sculpture of any kind. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Even if my peggy guy doesn't do very well, at least he will hold some sentimental value as one of my household shelf ornaments..... http://www.pendletonarts.org/index_files/calls_for_entry.htm

Sometimes when I get a bit stuck, it helps to get a big fat sharpie pen out and mark in where things need to go and what needs more work. Ribs are always difficult for me to judge, because I'm not sure where to stop filling. You can do several ribs showing through the skin on a model and make it look skinny - or fill them in for a fat look. On this guy, I'm going to try and shoot for something in the middle - not too many ribs as a skinny horse, and not completely covered to look like a fatso critter either.

Anatomy books always help when you're not sure what to do. I generally have to keep checking the charts when it comes to the leg bones and joints. And speaking of the legs.....here's a rough wire armature outline of what position they will be in. (They look hideously terrible right now, but will be fairly lovely when done.) I've wrapped tinfoil and some clay around the wire where the joints will be.
And the start of some ear stubbs. A terribly blurry picture. I'm going to need to invest in a new camera one of these days....

And the start of the tail. "Stubby-wubby" was a bear.....
I found this photo online that was taken by Vera Gerushtina. It is a Teke youngster at a show having a "pegasus" moment. I got a great laugh out of it. Not quite the position that I have my peggy sculpture in......but close! Ha, ha. The althleticism of this breed never ceases to amaze me. For anyone who has raised very young horses, these moments definitely happen - whether you want them to or not. They generally annoy the hell out of their handlers when it happens, but it makes for some great photos and artistic material....


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