Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real Beauties

There are many times in my life that I've wished that I was independently wealthy.....

Today's horse market is in a pretty sad state. There are several very nice well trained horses in america going for dirt cheap. A friend of mine e-mailed the other day and reported that he witnessed a perfectly sound 12 year old quarter horse gelding - a dead broke kids horse - sell for $200 from his boarding barn. That's a sad commentary. With hay prices at an all time high and a glutted saturatation of the market, things are most likely not going to get better anytime soon. It's happening in other places of the world as well. Inflation of the necessities in life, (like fuel to get to work with) are becoming a real buggar to grapple with - and generally the hobby details in people's lives are the ones that are going to suffer (horses).

But, then again on a cheerier note: there's never been a better time to pick up some totally awesome stock at rock bottom prices. I'm not in the market for another horse, (Craig would be sent to the big house for murdering me if I brought another horse home, and I'm also in a state of being habitually flat ass broke with my finances....) - but it's fun to look around at what's out there.

When I happened on to Nadja's russian sale site, I fell head over heels for Saganeya. What a floating butterfly of a beauty! And a steal of a price too. I can remember 10 years ago when I first discovered this breed, a broodmare of this caliber could easily have garnered $30 to $50,000. With the market the way that it is, she is a bargain. Like most of the russian teke stables, they prove their broodstock on the race track. (So, she is race broke - which would translate into "green broke" for pleasure or trail riding.) But still a steal of a deal for a fantastic akhal teke mare. Since she is still a very young horse, there is still time for her to have another career opportunity.


3 year old filly

There are many other lovely horses available on the site and up for grabs as well. A few of my other favorites are listed below:

Mersedes 3 year old filly

Olimpiada 2 year old filly


3 year old colt

Pergenbek 10

10 year old stallion

Akderek 11 year old stallion

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