Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kaleidescope Kowboy

A custom painted Cantrell "Santa Fe Renegade" resin for Kathy Wiggins of Zebulon, Georgia. Completed in fall 2011. It has taken me two years to finally get this guy done - but the amount of time was to be expected when you are tackling a hair-by-hair appy paintjob. I got to play around with my new tabletop belt sander as well, doing a bit of wood working for a new cherry stained base for him too.

He is by far the most difficult - yet most striking - appaloosa that I've painted, yet.

Kowboy is not very photographic due to his light dun coloration - and a lot of the tiny little details get washed out by the camera's flash. I purposely left off the flash on this leg photo to show the broken up leg barring and tiny specs of hair marks. If you look at the full body shot, the leg barring looks like it's just a solid stripe - but in reality all of the stripes are broken up into a million tiny little brush strokes.

I hope to do another appy in this style of painting in the future, but it will probably be on one of my own models. It was a ton of work, but very rewarding. =:)

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