Friday, February 17, 2012

Geldy's In The News Again

It's a sad situation, and one that doesn't have a great outlook. Geldy is the topic of conversation for supporters once again. There was a recent article (February 2012) about the current situation published on Gill Suttle's website.

I've been a supporter of Geldy and his family for a few years. Even though I've never met him or his family, I feel very bad for them and I can't imagine having to go through a situation like what they've been through. I really hope that the goverment will end the choke-hold and just let the family go. We are all aware of the conditions in third world counties and what their ways of doing things are, (it's published worldwide on websites, news articles, and movies), so there probably isn't anything that anybody can say that the rest of the world isn't already aware of... I really hope that the government will just let the family get together what little that they have left, and leave the country.

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