Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brigit Eberl's "Tabanja" arab mare resin recently completed in the studio to a bay roan/rabicano.  I slightly customized her mane, tail, forelock, and also the ears for a more "sunnier" disposition.  I also made a custom wood and sand covered base for her.  To view this resin in it's original form, here is a link to a website with some photos:
Owned by Carole Ingram.


  1. Hi there Shannon, I need to contact you about a commission job. I am looking for someone to paint my loud sabino gypsy vanner colt and you come very highly recommended. Could you please email me your information? (Superiors Over the Moon is the colt)

  2. Shannon, do you have a reference pic of a real horse showing the white in the mane? I've been looking all over creation and i can't find one! Thanks, Anita Poole