Friday, August 17, 2012


For the thread below.....  more things to think about... 

One of the other main reasons that I was drawn to the possibility of dun factor in the Akhal Teke breed is due to location and style of riding.  We live in the west, where cowboys get the thumbs up and everything else recieves two blinks of an eye in the showring.  Akhal Tekes aren't as widely accepted for western styles of riding as they are for the english events.  In fact, I've even seen sales ads here in america stating that these horses aren't western - they're strictly an english breed - (uh, pardon me....?)  But that's another story altogether.

If the dun gene turns out to be present, the western world will most likely sit up and take a little bit more notice.  Cowboys love duns, show people love duns, color breeders love duns, mounted shooters love duns, trail riders love duns, ect.  There's something about the stripes that folks love - artists included!  Buckskins and palominos come close, but no cigar.  Why not have an exotic looking dun that is both comfortable to ride for long distances and stays sound for arena use?  The selling points could be potentially numerous. 

Can you imagine the metallic buckskin Teke above with some primitive black cobwebbing and leg barring?  (Yes, I need to turn myself in to "color-blind horse fanatics anonymous" - I have a problem, I know it and freely admit it....) 

To put it in perspective, the horse pictured above is a product of a Canadian breeder.  Before anybody gets too excited about his color, he's not a purebred - he's a Teke x QH cross.  But you can imagine if a purebred exhibited a similar coloring with a western style of riding.  There could be even more marketing doors opening up for Teke breeders.  It's something to think about. 

I also have theories about gaited turanian horses (mostly Akhal Tekes) in Iran.  There's some potential for opening marketing doors there too.... but, that's another story for another time.

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