Saturday, September 28, 2013

Eddie MacMurdo Show 2013

Well, the blog photo uploader is "almost" working again... almost. Not sure what's up with it tonight. Still a few more photos to post, but it's absolutely refusing to upload one particular picture for some reason. Weird damned machine.

My friend and professional photographer Sibbea Browning was on duty once again at the show snapping pictures of everyone with their horses. She's so dang talented! Absolutely love her work! I'm trying to coax her into the endurance world, and she's shown some interest in doing a few ride and tie events. I told her that I'd ride with her on an LD - but when it comes to the running part she's on her own. I'd be a worthless and completely embarassing partner for any sort of ride and tie activity...

My favorite photo that Sibbea took of Tommy and I above. He is in a "real" western pleasure jog instead of his usual teke shuffling.
We did lots of english classes too.

And if you're wondering why my boots look weird and have a bizarre low cut to them, it's beacause they are specially tailored for sidesaddle. I had them cut down to accomodate my knee over the leaping head. I know that it's a fairly dorky look for english pleasure, but they're so darned comfortable that I can't bring myself to wear hightops again!

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