Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another Start

The youngest member of our herd is starting her career under saddle now.  =:)  My little cupcake is all grown up.

I had planned on starting Smidgen last fall/spring, but got busy working with other horses - so this year I was going to make sure that I made some time for her.  She's a really wonderful little filly, and I think that she will make a fine riding mare with time.  I don't quite know what she wants to be yet.... but we'll figure it out as we go.  She will definitely have a career in endurance to test her "structural sound-ness", but we'll also look into a career for her in the show ring as well.

Smidgen seems to have a really awesome little western pleasure shuffle for a trot, so I'm *assuming* she will make a nice western pleasure horse - but we'll see.  She might have something else in mind, I don't know.... only time will tell what she wants to be.      
She's a happy little trooper to start her new job.

Smidgen has more facial chrome than her older brother does, (Octopelle).  She also has a tiny little adorable flank spot and a partial blue eye.
Seems like just yesterday that I watched her being born...  How time flies!

She was such a cute little squirt! 

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