Friday, July 18, 2014

A New Start and Some Older Progress

While I'm waiting for my second bronze to reach the patinization stage at the foundry, I'm getting ready to start on a new OOAK (one of a kind) project.  I'm pretty excited to delve into it.  He already has a name, with thanks to a foreign friend that helped me translate the meaning of the word that I was trying to find.  Yay!  Very exciting stuff.

And in old news the studio, I'm happy to say that I'm only two backlog orders away from being free!  This is really thrilling.  When I get these two customer orders done, I'm going to throw a private little shindig of joy.  It's been a stressful few years doing paintwork for other people, and I've reached the decision that I'm just not going to do it anymore.  I work ultra snail-paced slow and it takes me forever to get stuff done, so I don't think that it's very fair for people to have to wait forever for their models.  But in the future, I will have several of my own finished sales pieces available to put up on MHSP as they are completed.  Lord knows I've got enough naked resins hanging around here in my private stash, it'll probably keep me busy painting for the rest of my life!

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