Sunday, August 31, 2014

Went for a nice trail ride today over labor day weekend.  Great weather and a good temperature today!  Started at Corporation Guard Station and climbed to the top of Ruckle Junction.

About two miles from the summit, Octopelle and I encountered a huge flock of white whooly bell-laden sheep.  We rode right through the middle of about 100 of the smelly little buggars, and proceeded to split the flock down the middle onto both sides of the road.  I encountered the herding fellow a ways up ahead, and talked to him for a minute.  He was very nice.  I apologized for making my way through the middle of his flock, but he said he didn't care.  It looked like he had two puppies that were "in training" with him, so I'm sure the flock had probably seen a lot more excitement than a slow moving horse plodding through them.

On the way back down the mountain I kept hearing big splashes near the river.   The road follows the water for about 10 miles, so I stopped for a minute to see what the splashing was all about.   The salmon are spawning their eggs, so it was a nice to sit and watch them in close proximity.  They're totally awesome big beautiful fish.

It was a fun relaxing trail riding day!

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