Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lambs 2015

Our first arrivals of the 2015 lamb crop are starting to make an appearance.  We have 5 lambies on the ground so far, with plenty more to come!

Ebby was the first to lamb this year.  She had a beautiful set of twin red and white lambies.  The darker one is a ewe and the lighter one is a ram.  Ebby wasn't particularly thrilled with me milling around with the camera...

The young red and white ewe was next to lamb, and she had a lovely dark red and white spotted ram.

This one is my favorite!  Nanna II had a little red and white ewe lamb this year.  Nanna II is a young gentle Barbados ewe that came from one of my original old ewes that I purchased many years ago.  Her mother Nanna I was very gentle as well, and you could walk up and pet her anywhere in the pasture - a very rare trait for a hair sheep!  Her daughter Nanna II is just as gentle and she will follow Craig and I around everywhere.  This year Nanna II had her first lamb and I love the little buggar!  Because her mother is so gentle - I can get a little bit of cuddling time with this lamb.  Neither one of them want to run away from me, which is a nice change.   

Isn't she adorable?

The little stinker is cute as a bugs ear!

Our big painted desert ewe had a very nice spotted ram lamb this year.  He's a keeper for sure.  This guy is going to be a future flock sire for us.  He was a really big lamb when he was born, and has plenty of color for sure!  I took these photos of him when he was 20 minutes old and there's still a little bit of birthing goo on him. 

Mr. fancy pants!

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