Monday, September 28, 2015


My first upholstery project!  Craig and I are working on restoring our 1931 Ford Coupe.  He's working on the body welding and fixing a lot of rusty spots, while I'm attempting to refinish the interior.  I've never worked with upholstery before - so this project is a big learning experience.  My first seat didn't turn out too bad for being a "first timer".

Before.  This is what the seat looked like before I started with it.  It was some old bleached out red canvas stretched over burlap and straw stuffing.  The wooden frame needed some structural repairs from big age splits, and I had to sand a lot of rust off of the metal sides. 

Before.  Both stuffing cushions needed stripped down to the springs due to a bunch of rodent damage.  Once I removed the stuffing off of the springs, I noticed that some of the metal springs were broken - so Craig helped me sauter the broken ones back together again.  After the springs were repaired, I sewed new foam cushions onto the spring frame.   

Afterward, the finished seat!  Tuck and roll was a real learning curve.  (The car is going to be satin black and turquoise when it's finished.) 

Now I just have to get the rest of the interior work done.....