Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jydam - Finished!

On Monday Craig and I drove up to Joseph to pick up our latest finished bronze project.  We were both really excited, and I couldn't sleep hardly at all on Sunday night. 

We got up to the foundry in Joseph and spent most of the day sanding and smoothing different areas on the metal cast.  Then I tried to pick the perfect patina for her, which was no easy task.  I went back and forth between several different options.....but finally decided on a light traditional tone for the first copy.

The drive up there is really beautiful.

Joseph is an art lovers town!

We couldn't resist taking a few pictures in front some of the bronzes in town.

And here she is.....

 The first finished copy of "Jydam".  I think that she turned out really well! 

The nice thing about her is that she can look good in several different colors - which is why I had such a hard time picking a final patina for her.  I was leaning towards a polished steel or a black onyx look, but I decided to go with a traditional tone for the first copy.   When I can get some more money saved up, there will be other copies in some colorful patinas.  =:)