Friday, May 13, 2011

New Ram

We have a new ram at our farm! And he's such a handsome fellow..... =:)

The new stud-muffin's name is "Isle of View Titan", and he's totally magnificent. He is everything that I've ever dreamed of a top of the line Soay ram being. Unfortunately, I didn't produce him - Ken Weston was the one who bred this stunning mahogany guy. But, I'm proud as heck to own him, and am hoping I can pair him with a few of our horned ewes in the future for lambs that will have his magnitude and regality. This guy's horn width is the most impressive that I've ever seen on a Soay. I'm thrilled that he's here and look forward to utilizing his genetics.

Our old flocksire Arne had sired two big lamb crops, so it was time to swap out bloodlines. (He has been retired to the freezer.) I kept one of his daughters from last year that produced a white faced ewe lamb, and I'll probably be keeping 3 or 4 more of his little lamb daughters this year.
Another thing of interest has happened in our flock, is that we have these two twin ram lambs out of Phoebe that have some weird dark back stripes. I've never produced anything like these two little guys before, and have never seen it in anybody else's flock. So they might be something special..... maybe. I dunno.

The darker twin ram lamb with the weird stripe.
The lighter twin ram lamb with the same type of stripe.
It reminds me of a dorsal stripe in horses. I'd love to know if anybody else has experienced this effect in their Soays.


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