Thursday, April 21, 2011


I watched an interesting movie the other day, called "Nomad, the Warrior". For anyone who is into central asian culture, it's a good film. Not too "hollywooded-up" with fakieness - thank god. It was a very entertaining movie and most of the clothing, weapons, and horsemanship were very accurate. It is a film based on the Kazakh culture. Released in 2005.

In a few of the scenes, there were some Kazakh pacers (gaited horses). Brent Seufert (At Bolsin) has some video footage of pacers in Iran when he visited, and it appears that the Kazakhs have a few of them too. *I have a prediction that if someone imported asian gaited horses into america, they would be a HUGE success.*

Also, if you look very closely.... in a few scenes of the film there is a drop dead gorgeous buckskin Teke... Yayhhhhh!!!! =:)

Youtube trailer:


Another movie that I'm very interested to see is "Mongol", the story of Ghengis (Chengis) Khan. Released in 2008. I haven't been able to find it on T.V. yet, but hopefully I can track it down and watch it someday very soon.

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