Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Spring Lambies

More lambies have arrived, and boy are they ever cute! I love our Soay sheep flock. =:) Our blonde bombshell Priscilla with her two ewe lambs. They carry the highest percentage of british Soay bloodlines in our entire flock. These two lambs are more petite than our other north american Soay lambs, and are cuter than little bugs ears!
Crossbred lambs - future freezer dinners. The two darker rams are 1/2 barbados and 1/2 soay. The red and white one is Fatty's ram lamb (1/4 barbados, 1/4 dorper, and 1/2 soay). And the mouse colored one at the top is Ebby's first lamb. He is 1/4 dorper, 1/4 katahdin, and 1/2 soay.
Phoebe's two ram lambs. North american bloodline Soays.
Another picture of Ebby's crossbred ram lamb. Since he has a bit of Katahdin blood in him, (which are mostly white sheep), he has pink around his eyes and nose and also has a longer tail than our other lambs do. He's a bit more friendlier in nature as well, and slightly more approachable in the pasture. The Katahdin and Dorper sheep aren't nearly as wild in nature as the Soays are.
Ebby had a little lamb, and she is very proud of him. He is her first little lambie. =:)
Antares, our only white faced Soay ewe - and her north american bloodline lambs. These guys were born just this morning. The darker one is a ewe lamb, and the lighter one is a ram lamb. We still have a couple more ewes that are going to lamb out, so I'll post more pictures as they arrive.


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