Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eddie MacMurdo Show

The bay bumbershooter strikes again!
Tommy's winnings!
Tommy did pretty well at the show this past weekend.  He made Craig and I very proud.  =:)  Amidst a large crowd of competitors of all different sizes and breeds, he managed to bring home some nice prizes and hold his own against the competition.  The show was a lot of fun, and I'm planning on doing it again next year.  Nice people, great facility, awesome judges and staff, and an all-around professionally organized event.  Loved it!

An outside photo after getting a second place ribbon and an award glass in the green horse english class.

There were a lot of very nice horses at this show, and I thought that amidst the variety Tommy did really well.  There were some TOTALLY AWESOME eye popping national quality morgans and saddlebreds that came to compete.  My eyes were bugging out!  They were soooooo stunning to watch!!!!  I loved seeing the park saddleseat and the western pleasure morgans go around the arena.  What a show they put on!  And the grey saddlebred from the Tri-Cities was quite a sight to behold as well.  A very nice horse.  (And the riders tophat with shadbelly coat really looked spiffy too!)

And we made another new friend.  There was a gentleman watching us warm-up in the outdoor arena and walked over to ask me what breed my horse was.  I said Akhal Teke, and I was kind-of surprised to hear him say, "I thought so..."  (We're slowly but surely gaining inches in popularity around this area...)  Lots of people near the show railing when we were in the classes made comments like, "That horse is so coppery!"   
Later on in the barn aisle when we were finished for the day, one junior exhibitor asked me what I did to get my horse so shiney like that.  I kind-of chuckled a little bit, and said that I just gave him a bath.  She looked somewhat disappointed with that answer - as I think that she was expecting me to say that there is a new miracle product on the market that will give your horse an ultra-shiney metallic glow.  =:)  I was sorry to tell her that I didn't have any insider information on any bottled stuff that would do it....

Craig managed to take some videos on his phone, and we uploaded our in-hand halter class on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYpaQ2wquR0 
MaryAnne Morrison, (the judge in the darker clothes) had said that she had seen a couple of Akhal Tekes before, so I was happy to hear that.  She seemed to like Tommy, and placed him well in the classes that we entered.

And we won the novice horse english class!!!!  That was really cool.  Wahoo!  =:)

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  1. Great job this year Shannon! You and Tommy really got out there and did lots of great stuff. I had to chuckle about the junior asking about your hair products - I've gotten that one many times, although I usually answer "Mud baths". See you soon.