Saturday, January 5, 2013


Kerri-Jo Stewart captured some good pictures of a few colorful sabinos on her visit to Iran last spring.  I'm honestly not sure if they are purebred Tekes or not, but with the color genetics that are present in the breed - they very well could be.  The Iranians have been known to crossbreed Tekes and Iomuds to other breeds of horses in the past for different reasons, so I honestly don't know the purity of these particular ones in the photos.  But the first colt looks to be very typey! (Totally awesome!)

Also, keep in mind that these horses are in a country that has some slightly differentiated views on animal husbandry practices than here in the U.S.  Blanketing galls and white rub marks on the stallions are somewhat of a common occurance, as is staking them out on long ropes.  But Kerri-Jo was nice enough to take the photos to share with the rest of the world - which is very much appreciated.  So thank you very much for that.  Without pictures, we'd never see such beautiful horses in other countries.  =:)

This little pony isn't a Teke, but he looks to be possibly a caspian crossbred of some sorts.  There are a few other pinto genetics that are present in the middle east....

Love those sabino Tekes, (or whatever these beauties might be in the album).  One day in the *very, very, very, very* distant future.....I hope to own a loud sabino purebred someday.

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