Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter Riding

I've been doing just a little bit of winter riding lately.  Mostly trail riding, with a slight bit of conditioning thrown in.  It's almost impossible to get too carried away with going very fast right now, as the fields are frozen and very slick - so slow trotting is about as fast of a speed as we can do.  Today there was a schooling show in town, but I didn't go to it.  Tommy has the winter off, and is basking in the sheer glory of laziness.  But Nettie is coming back from a year off and is enjoying being ridden once again...

On Wednesday we went out for a slow hack with the sidesaddle.  I dusted off the old antique victorian and  we had a good ride.  Nettie and I tested out some ditches and small piles of brush along the way.  She's a very cute little jumper, incredibly honest and trustworthy.  (She'll take whatever she's pointed at).  But we were conservative on this ride and only tried little stuff - because the ground is still frozen and trecherous.       

When I got back home I started looking online at sidesaddle jumpers.  There are some really great photos out there!

Cross country course aside.  With a safety vest and steeplechase helmet.

At a field hunt in England.  Country style tweed riding habit with a bowler.

A stadium demonstration in England.  Formal habit, hunt whip, and tophat.

Little girl jumping her pony sidesaddle.

Over the hedge!  This really looks similar to steeplechase, but she has a formal hunt habit on.  So it must've been a foxhunt or other exhibition. 

Havng fun at a hunt in England.  The rider to the left has unfortunately snapped her balance strap, which can happen when you go over jumps and hedges.  It looks like they're really having a blast! 

This is an exhibition at Quenby Hall.  Sometimes the riders start out with a full champagne glass before they jump, while other times they have to grab it while in mid-jump from a server standing next to the table.   Very classy and entertaining.

A european lady jumping a horse that is laid down while riding aside.  Looks like a historical war re-enactment.

This is Susan Oakes, in a jumping competition - she has set the world record for the highest sidesaddle jump!  You can read more about her story here:
That would scare the crap out of me!

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