Monday, March 11, 2013

Show Weekend - Part Two

We attended the same schooling show series over the weekend, and the horses (and myself!) had some great improvement. 

Tommy had some nice smooth canter strike-offs and managed to keep his head down at a "hunter level" for most of the day at the second Earn Your Spurs show in Kennewick.  (We've been practicing a lot since the last show in February....)  We still need to work further on maintaining a more consistant head level position in the speedier transitions, but he's been making great improvement lately.

Nettie has cooled her jets and mellowed out as well.  She just needed more consistant riding after having a lot of time off, and the second Battle In The Saddle show on Sunday was a great success.  Her western pleasure jog was outstanding this time around!   (It is rumored that we won high point in one of the divisions, but I will find out for sure at next months show...)

Craig managed to get a couple of videos at the Saturday Earn Your Spurs show.  The videos are great for studying and learning purposes, and I try and see what I need to do better for next time.  A couple of them are on public viewing on Youtube:

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