Sunday, March 24, 2013

We Won!

Yesterday was the finale of the Earn Your Spurs show series.  We attended all three shows over two months at the Eastside Equestrian Center and ended up winning high point honors in our division!!!!!  YAY!!!!   (We really worked our butts off for it!)

It was a very close race for the grand prize silver spurs, and Tommy and I managed to beat out our nearest competition by ONE POINT.  (Yes, a measly slippery little single point...)  The scores were incredibly close - but we managed to nab the spurs in the end.

The grand prize, a new pair of silver spurs.

A colorful bounty of "ribbon loot" from the show.

It was our moment of glory in the indoor arena after the show was over and the awards were presented, and Tommy wasn't cooperating for the camera.  Everybody was trying to get him to prick his ears up for a photo (slapping legs, waving hankies, making funny sounds, ect.) - but he was tired and wasn't in the mood for it. 

But later on...... somebody had a grain bucket that was handy to shake - and the ears suddenly came to life....

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