Monday, June 17, 2013

I deleted a few photos off of the blog yesterday due to an insecure, hypocritical, control freak of a horse owner.  It's okay for the photos of the horse to be openly posted to other websites and facebook for anyone in the world to view and use - but apparently I'm not allowed to have them.  (Even though it was someone else took the photos, not even the horse owner themselves....and I would've given full credit if I could've remembered who the photographer was at the time!)  Okay, whatever.  I deleted the pictures.  Why are there always a few "loons" in the Akhal Teke breed that make it so damned weird sometimes.....?   


  1. So.............if she doesn't want the pics on your blog then post them to your FACEBOOK page!!!


  2. Oh she'd throw a big fat uppity fit about that too.... The woman is a total neurotic weirdo. I thought that her horse was very nice and the blog post was in a positive light - but apparently she runs a personal "police patrol" over the entire internet for anything even remotely related to her horse. The insecurity level of this person truly amazes me...

  3. It was on one of the posts that I did about sabinos.