Saturday, June 15, 2013

Single Handedly...

This years Blue Mountain Paint Horse club open show at the Flying X arena was the beginning of a "one handed" journey between Tommy and I.  Last Saturday was the day we started showing one-handed for the first time.  We've practiced riding single handed a little bit at home, but have never tried it at a show before.  Tommy is seven years old, so it's time to start moving up and advancing a bit.  (We can't stay in a snaffle forever....)  Most stock horses are in a full straight bar shank by this time, so we're a little behind the curve - but slowly making the transition.
Overall, he did alright for his first time at a show. He had a little bit more freedom to creep forward slightly faster in the gaits and also crane the head, (which he exercised every once in awhile....) but it wasn't too bad for his first time. 

I had to correct him every once in awhile - "slow down, collect up."

It was probably a good thing that we started riding one-handed at this show, because the wind was playing havoc with my hat.  I had to keep my free hand anchored on top of my head to keep it from flying away!  I need to remember to pack some bobby pins for next time.....
And I'm starting to get smarter about wearing "quick change" outfits as well, for time management.  The show shirt made a quick transition from western...
to english - in rapid fashion!  I didn't have to re-pin the number or anything.  Just slip into some breeches and go.  I've struggled at a couple of the bigger shows with changing outfits multiple times and losing valuable warm-up time has stressed me out - so now I'm getting "smarter" about swapping out only one or two articles of clothing in order to give the outfit a whole new look.  It is working!  Yay! 

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