Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Construction Continues

We're still working on the bathroom, and it's coming along at a nice steady pace. We have the walls buttoned up with new insulation and drywall, and the new shower is now installed and working as well! Yay!!!! (I have to admit that I was getting really sick and tired of using the kitchen sink to wash my hair in...)

I've been so proud of my husband throughout this whole remodeling thing. He's a really sharp guy when it comes to plumbing, electrical, and construction stuff in general. He's able to do a lot of "handy man" work around our place himself, which saves us a boatload of money in the long run. In the past 12 years that we've owned our home, we've only had to call a professional out one time to come and fix something that we couldn't do ourselves - (to pump the septic tank). That isn't too bad of a track record for the number of years that we've been here.

Craig has re-plumbed the entire bathroom and has installed new electrical lighting throughout most of the house. He gets a lot of practice troubleshooting electrical components with his day job, so I'm not too worried about him wiring stuff in our home. (He has to put new wiring harnesses - and also repair old ones - on cars and motorcycles on a daily basis.)

Also, after measuring the room both of us have made a corporate decision to get a different proportioned tub. We're going to attempt to stuff "a biggun" in there! I'm really excited about that...

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