Friday, November 8, 2013


Craig and I have been remodeling our bathroom for the last week, which translates into: "the Mayfields are being total lunatics and tearing the hell out of one of the most important rooms in their house". We have no other bathroom, this is it. So we are stuck trying to hurry as fast as we can to get it done. We've gone more than a week without a shower, and both of us are starting to get really tired and cranky of washing our hair and other bodily parts in the kitchen sink...

Remodeling a room in a house is always time consuming and most often times full of surprises, especially when you have an old house - like ours. This was supposed to be a somewhat "simple" type of project for us after we got our feet wet with a major remodeling of our kitchen two years ago. Bathroom, not a problem. Well, yeah.... right. We were kindly introduced to some dry rot foundation issues when we removed the tub. Surprise!

Luckily both Craig and I are not afraid of a challenge and have fixed most of the problem. After sawing a huge hole in the bathroom floor, we got underneath the house and cut out part of the seal board next to the concrete stem wall. (We had to jack the floor boards up off of the house to do this), and have eliminated our foundation rot issues in that area. Now we just have to fix the rot problem that's underneath the window and replace the 2 x 4's in the wall. We're buttoning it up slowly but surely.

Our tub used to be where the hole in the floor is in the photo - hence where the dry rot issues were. We had one of those old dual purpose "shower/tub" types of setups in there, basically stand in the tub while you take a shower. I regret not snapping a picture of the room before we started remodeling it. It will look totally different (and much bigger) when it's finally done. The sink will not be there either - but I will get more into that in another post.

A view of the new wall that we're building to make the room bigger. Also, our new tub and shower base are shown in the photo as well. They will be separate entities this time around! Yay!
I'm not sure if anybody can read my chicken-scratch plans, but it's a layout for what will happen. We are moving walls, covering doors, ripping up floors, and other assorted mayhem on this project...

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