Monday, April 7, 2014

Home On The Range 2014

A few photos from the HOTR endurance ride from last Saturday.
Ride camp.  The vet check, meeting building, and start/finish line - were way up by the row of trees on the right.  I got a good workout walking back and forth from our truck to the vetting area!

A random photo that I took of some people warming their horses up on the hillside.  The CRP grass is pretty this time of the year.

Ox munching on his hay before the ride.  Thanks for the garden flag Carol!

Monica was the official ride photographer and got some good ones of everybody going down the trail!  (I like the lighting and background on this one above.) 

Ox was happy to get back into endurance after some time off.  I had kind-of forgotten how great his slow lope is.  It's definitely his best gait - and very comfortable to ride going down the trail. 

With spring here, he's started changing colors again.  His smokey black coat has gone from a subtle shade of ebony black into a mealy mushroom brown.  (If you look at the March BITS show post, he looks like a different colored horse in only a few weeks!)

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