Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Riding Photos

Some pictures from one of my rides last week on "boiling point" hill off the old Cabbage Hill road.  The wildflowers on the hillside knolls are really pretty right now!
Our two little beagles love ripping through the fields of purple.  (Would've been a great shot without Ox's ear photo-bombing it.)
I don't know what these flowers are, but every once in awhile there would be a white one in the middle of all the vast purple.
A snapshot alongside I-84 coming down Cabbage Hill, going west.  The canyons are good for conditioning rides, gives the horses a good workout.
Rock out-cropping.  I love rocks...
In the bottom of the big canyon there is a little creek that flows this time of year from the snow running off the mountains.  It makes a neat little rocky waterfall.  
Our older beagle loves the water.  It's hard to get her out of it most of the time. 
And there are some really interesting relic "treasures" if you look hard enough for them.  I was riding along a narrow little deer trail in the bottom of the big canyon and found this old Buick half buried in the creek.  It was a neat old car with suicide doors from the 1930's.
And just downstream from the Buick was another old vintage 1930's vehicle that was also half buried at the bottom of the creek bed.  I don't know what this one was - as there weren't any identifying marks on it.  My husband says that it was a high end car in it's day, due to the style of the back end.  It also has suicide doors.  (A bit of a rarity to see cars with those unusual style of doors nowadays.)  

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