Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Battle In The Saddle Show

Today (March 1st), was the last show of the "Battle In The Saddle" series in Pendleton.  It was a fun show, but super cold!  Craig and I woke up to a bit of snow on the ground at our place, and I promptly put my long undies on to try and stay warm.  Brrrrrrrrhhhhh.......!!!!!!!

The truck took awhile to warm up and defrost this morning.  By the time that we got into town the ground was clear, yay!
This is a great picture that Craig took, but unfortunately it turned out a bit blurry...

We had some good conversations this morning.  Most of the time they were nice "good boy" conversations, but every once in awhile we'd have a "behave yourself, I don't care how chilly it is" conversation.  (He feels pretty saucy when the temp drops below 30.)

Mugging for the camera.  I love my black buggar-head boy.
We won Reserve Champion in the Open Novice division of the show.  Ox got a lovely turquoise neck sash and I got a new teal blinged-up cowgirl cap.  Hooray!

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