Monday, March 10, 2014

The freckled queen - a custom Superlumina resin recently completed in the studio. 

This model was interesting.  What do you do when all the other colors have been done already?  This was the dilemma that I had.  This resin has been released on the market for quite awhile, and everybody has done many shades of bays, dapple greys, chestnuts, blacks, sabinos, pintos, buckskins, palominos, ect.  (Pretty much the whole gammit of arabian and 1/2 arab colors.)  Which meant I was a bit stumped for awhile.  I sat there looking at her in the studio and asked, "what color do you want to be?"  Whenever I'd get a brilliant idea on a color, I would look at MHSP and the Equine Resin Directory - only to find that someone had done it already.  So, she lingered in limbo for awhile. 

It just happened that one day I was looking through some photos on facebook and found the most interesting picture of a heavily fleabitten grey egyptian arabian stallion.  I really liked how his big fleabites were peppering his entire body, and a lightbulb went off - there it is!  The perfect color.  And alas, a heavily fleabitten bloody-shouldered "war mare" came to be.  There are bedouin legends behind the bloody shouldered horses, and she has the look and pose as if she is in battle mode...

"MM Khemystery" is owned by Carole Ingram. 

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