Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Lambies

"Mayfields Jakalina" had a beautiful little ewe lamb with a white blaze and small white tip on her tail.
This young two year old crossbred red and white spotted ewe had a very cute little spotted ram lamb this year.  The ewe is part of my painted desert experiment, and I used a younger painted desert ram to produce this lamb.  This little guy has a "double dose" of spotted genes, which will make him good as a future flock sire for my continued experiment.  If these were horses - it would be a palomino pinto with a buckskin pinto colt... 
"Mayfields Lucrezia" had a ram lamb with a white star on his head.
"Mayfields Andromeda" had a really flashy nice brown and white spotted ram lamb.  He's nice!  Mostly white on the upper body, and his legs are brown.  He is half Soay and half painted desert.

Our senior ewe "Peony Creek Brooke" had a nice pair of twin lambs.  Each of them have a white star on their heads.  The darker one is a ram lamb and the lighter one is a ewe lamb. 

This is another two year old ewe that is part of my painted desert experiment.  She is half Soay and half painted desert.  Her lamb is by the same young ram that I used with the other painted desert ewe shown in the second photo above.  The little lamb is another good "double dose" spotted gene carrier.

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