Sunday, March 1, 2015

More Lambies

Fatty's two colorful little ram lambs.  They are by our older spotted painted desert ram.
This two year old ewe had a red and white spotted ewe lamb this year. 

This little guy is so adorable!  The ewe is a year and a half old, and it's her first little lamb.  He's itty bitty and incredibly cute!  I picked him up shortly after he was born and he was the size of a tiny cat.  A very healthy little guy, just a small fellow from his first time mother.

Our young dark ewe had a nice little chocolate ram lamb.  He has a small white star on the top of his head. 

This one's a keeper!  Cupid had a nice blonde ewe lamb this year.  This little lamb looks a lot like her father, a blonde painted desert ram with white horns.  I bred a large group of ewes to the blonde ram, and so far this is the only one that has came out looking very similar to him.  But there are still a few more ewes to lamb out, so we'll see if we get any more blondies to come. 

It must be a year for rams, as this is yet another ram lamb from one of our young ewes!

Luna had a colorful little brown and white spotted ram lamb this year.  He is by our older painted desert ram.  I marked her horn with pink duct tape, so I could keep track of which flock sire she was penned with.

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