Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Steampunk Steed

I picked up the 2014 bronze yesterday from Enterprise, OR.  It turned out really GREAT!!!!  I don't have any finished photos of "the steed" yet - as I'm still putting the inside parts and the base sprocket together on him.  But very soon I will have a completed picture to share with the world.  He's a complicated little buggar!

Saturday is the drop-off deadline for the Open Regional Art Exhibit, so I'm in a mad tinkering rush to get him all put together in time.

Here are some process photos that I took while I was at the caster:

I found these two little gears online last year.  I have no idea what kind of machinery that these are from, but they're the perfect size for my sculpture.  So I took them up to Tim to see if he could make them work.  He drilled out the two shafts so that the custom pegs for the bronze could fit into them.  Contrary to how they look, the gears actually do work and turn!  I love old rusty stuff.

Craig is helping to hold the sculpture while Tim knocks out some "nerds", or air holes in the metal.  (Nobody seems to know why they call them nerds....)

Tim, a.k.a. the Foo-man!  Getting ready to fire up the torch for some patina work.

Tim is one the best bronze patina artists in the world.  He can create some truly unbelievable colors on metal.  I'm beyond thrilled that he is doing one of my pieces!!!  The steampunk steed has a very cool custom brushed marbled effect that Tim did with sulfuric nitrate.  The finished look is totally awesome!

I had to say hi to Arnold when I was up there.  This piece had a sheen of brand new metallic raw blue when we visited last year.  It's copy #4 of 7 that will go to Mr. Schwarzenegger's home in Los Angeles when it's finished.   

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