Monday, April 27, 2015

Fed Up!

I've gotten so bitter and completely turned-off from crap pulled by akhal teke people.  It's just ridiculous.  I'm just totally pissed off and fed up to the brim.  There are yet EVEN MORE recent photos of thin malnourished horses from a repeat offender "breeder".  It is even more alarming that other people are pushing the "like" button on facebook for these damned atrocious skinny horse pictures.  Seriously?  Why?????  What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?  There are morons out there starving them and claiming that this is the "normal" look for these horses.  I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.  There are other decent people in the breed that I've spoken with that are just as aggravated with the crap as I am.  The problem is, how can we get rid of these stupid animal hoarding people?  There are at least 5 known "breeders" that are guilty of repeatedly malnourishing their horses.  It's a big problem within a small population.  God, I'm so sick and tired of this bullshit. 

And in case anybody is wondering.....  I could give a flying crap less who sees these photos below from the repeat offender "breeders" place.  They have been plastered all over facebook already, and if you don't want anybody finding out about your dirty little secrets as a breeder, then don't take photos and post them all over the internet.  People need to pull their heads out of their asses.  This "breeder" can kiss my butt,  I'm so pissed off and sick of witnessing all of the pathetic degredation photos of this wonderful breed of horse!!!!!!!!!

This poor stallion has good bloodlines and athletic potential - but he is unfortunately only a shell of what he should've developed into.  Years of starvation make their bodies hollowed out.

This is not a photo of the repeat offender "breeder" - it is only someone who is helping to hold the horses.  You can see the spines and bones protruding on both of these poor things.

A young mare that was for sale from the breeder.  Again, it is only a shell of what the horse should look like.  If she had proper nourishment and some care during the early years of growing she would not look so hollowed out and frail.

A ribby gelding that was for sale, same breeder.

Another ribby mare with spine and hip bones protruding, same breeder.

The same breeder also raised Caspians.  I have seen Caspians in Iran that looked 10 times better - and they are in a harsh desert environment!

Another half-starved Caspian, same breeder.  (I would love to know why there is mowed grass to take photos on, but all of the horses look like crap.... ???????)

A ribby stallion that the breeder had for sale.
And take a look at the very poor young filly "Garakali" on the ATAA registration page:  Same damned breeder.

And in case anybody is wondering why I'm being such a hard-ass, here are a couple examples below of what properly nourished akhal tekes are supposed to look like.  These are photos from a variety of good decent teke breeders from around the world.  Notice, there are no ribs showing?  Even on older horses and young ones that are in vigorous racing condition.

A broodmare in good condition with a foal.  What they are supposed to look like.
A gorgeous mare for sale.  Notice how beautifully smooth her entire body is?  No bones sticking out.

The young mare Pendijire in racing condition.  Notice that there are no ribs showing, even when these horses are worked hard daily for the race track?
And the same mare Pendijire as an older broodmare.  Still no ribs showing, even after having many foals and getting up there in years.
Breeding stallion Feisal.  The body is smooth, no sharp bony points.

Breeding stallion Karaoglan.

Stallion Mazaly, in stunning body condition.

The aged breeding stallion Murgab.  He still looks good for being in his early 20's!

Another one in race condition, with no ribs or hip bones protruding.
Another colt in race condition.

And in case anybody is wondering how a Caspian that is in decent condition should look like, well here you go:


  1. I think ATA should take away the ability for this horse breeder to register their horses, Just something to think about. Maja

  2. I agree Maja. But people still keep buying horses from these people, even if they aren't registered - and then the new owners just register them later. It only adds fuel to the fire and eggs these breeders on to produce even more foals to starve. It seems to be a vicious cycle. And I don't know of an easy answer to this problem. This person (along with another person who has done even worse starvation damage to horses) has a "lifetime" membership within the ATAA. =:(