Friday, April 10, 2015

Regional Art Exhibit

Yesterday evening was the opening reception for the regional art exhibit.  There were 167 entries total in the show.  And I've got to say..... we have an amazing amount of talented artists in this area!  Tons of great art work in one place.

Roberta put my two sculptures next to each other in the middle of the gallery and they looked fabulous together!  Gribble was a little bit long for the pedestal, but he still looked alright...

The judge, Terri Hopkins.

This was a clay sculpture that I really liked a lot.  It had some nice iridescent kiln-fired color hues, and it reminded me of a conch shell.  Very pretty!

A local stained glass artist entered his work.

I LOVED this one!  There was some definite steampunk vibes going on with this piece, and I was totally diggin' it.  It was a pendulum style of art that had a little suspended weight on the end that would swing in constant motion.  Really neat!  

The little paintings of the hands were cool too.

I wasn't the only artist to enter bronzes in the art exhibit.  This was a local fellow who had a snake theme going on in his work.  He did the ice cream cones above, and also the platter of snakes below.  I thought that he should've won at least an honorable mention.... (but that's only my opinion).

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