Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm in a constant state of being penniless, because of THAT.....

Nom, nom, nom... the little piglet's chowing down. 

We just purchased our hay reserves for the year.  Since we only have 5 acres of non-irrigated dry lot, we have to purchase AT LEAST 30 tons of hay per year just to make it into the next.  This year we've got 40 tons.  With a young growing horse and also performance horses, it is good to err on the side of having "too much" instead of not enough.  The feeders are filled to the brim daily.  There are 10 tons of alfalfa for the bitter cold temps in the middle of winter, 5 ton of high protein orchard grass hay, and 25 tons of "filler" type low protein blue grass for free choice.  Plus, I stock up on Omolene grain for the shed.

Whew, there's only a little bit of lint left in these pockets...  ha, ha!

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