Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some photos from the ride.  Almost all of them were taken by Jessica Wynne.

This was on the last loop of the Saturday 50 miler, I think that we were at mile 42 or 43 somewhere.  Notice how big the trees are?  The national forest was full of those large beauties. 
This was after the giant rainstorm on Saturday.  We were totally SOAKED and I was getting slightly chilly with just a t-shirt!  We were trying to hurry back to camp to get some dry clothes and a warm blanket.  The brim worked wonders on both days in the heavy rain.  
A picture that Craig snapped as we were headed out on our second loop of the Saturday 50 miler.  Notice how nice and sunny it was when starting out?  I wished that it would've stayed that way...
A good photo of us chugging along down the trail on the Sunday 25 miler.  It was nice and sunny in the morning and then turned to thunder and lightning in the afternoon!
At least I remembered to dress accordingly for the weather on the Sunday ride...

We top-tenned both days.

And a short video that Craig got of us as we were heading out on our second loop on Saturday.  What a glorious place for a ride!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOvpKTfvzfU

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