Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Pasture Pony Ride

Sometimes there is a need for a spur of the moment "pony ride".

I love Nettie.  She's such a wonderful horse!  Definitely worth her weight in gold.  She's the kind of horse that retains training like a sponge forever.  I still remember the day that I broke her to ride very fondly.  She was a totally awesome horse then, and is still a totally awesome horse now.  My little yellow broomtail mustang sweet pea!  Love her.

Last night Craig and I were fiddling around outside cleaning some stuff up around the farm, and the hot temperatures outside finally started dropping.  Nettie was standing out in the pasture munching on her hay, and I realized that I hadn't ridden her in over 6 months!  As an impromptu wild hair idea, I decided to hop on her and see what would happen.  Craig got it on his phone.

This is what happened...

I wouldn't trade her for any amount of money on the planet!


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