Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rant Alert!

Why won't people be polite and return a simple phone call....?  Am I supposed to read someone's mind and find my way to their house telepathically without an address...? 

A bit of brief history - it's no secret that I have a strong hatred of phones, (I tend to prefer e-mailing as a means of communication.)  BUT, even with that.....  I did make the effort to set aside my feelings about phones on this one.  I called someone SEVEN times to set up an appointment to view their horse herd, (calling once at the beginning of the week to introduce myself and to set the appointment in place, and then I called six more times in an attempt to make contact to get directions when we arrived in their town).  And they couldn't even make the effort to RETURN A SINGLE CALL EVEN ONCE!?!?!?  I shouldn't be so annoyed with this situation.  I should just let it go.  But, it's unfortunately just more BS to add to the giant pile of "unprofessional" crap that I've dealt with surrounding akhal teke people.

I was so very excited to see these horses, and I was very pleasant on the phone.  (Honestly, I was literally giggling with excitement all week and really looking forward to it.  Hell, I've driven all the way to Minnesota to view horses with stellar communications on both ends, so driving to Idaho to talk to someone shouldn't have been too big of a deal!  Right?)  The cell phone reception was clear as a bell when I talked to the owner twice at her home when we arrived in Idaho - so poor reception was no excuse.  I needed an address to find her home.  Simple.  But nada.  Silence.  After waiting around in town for awhile with no return in communications, my husband and I were starting to get pissed.  After some time elapsed (an hour) we finally realized that we were NOT going to get a phone call  and we got mad enough that we turned around and drove home in disgust.  Seriously, all it would've taken was one tiny call to make us happy and to show us that you cared!!!!!  Are we not worth calling back.....?  Apparently not.  At least tell us to get lost if it wasn't a good day for viewing anything.  I wasn't going to make an eighth phone call.  I would've been rolling some hot fumes on the other end of the phone line.  Both Craig and I agreed that it is just rude to make an appointment and drive all the way up there to see something - and then the owner won't even give us the time of day with a single call back with directions.  It was a big F-U to us.  I guess that we're obviously not people worth giving directions to.  I've never dealt with another farm owner that won't give a person the common courtesy of a return call before!  (Especially when they know that we've driven all the way up there and then are sitting there WAITING within their hometown...)  I guess that I shouldn't be surprised, but it was just a rather aggravating experience.

The Moscow teke herd is scratched from my list.  After today's little drive up north, I'm seriously not impressed at all.  Pissed off is more like it.  Rant over.

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